Land value articles


Iowa State University CARD Survey

The survey was initiated in 1941 and is sponsored annually by Iowa State University. Only the state average and the district averages are based directly on ISU survey data. County estimates are derived using a procedure that combines ISU survey results with data from the US Census of Agriculture. Since 2014, the survey has been conducted by the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development in the Department of Economics at Iowa State University and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. 

Relators Land Institute Values and Trends Survey

The Iowa Farm & Land REALTORS® farmland value survey has been conducted in March and September each year since 1978.

Taylor Land Management Findings

Long-term farmland investment returns are strong

Economics of Drainage Tile

Iowa State University Extension details the economics of farm drainage systems. The article guides you through the designing of tile systems to implementing, and calculating the return on this investment.